With our school, put all the chances on your side to get your boat license.

NAUTITAN Boat School welcomes you to the south of the Caribbean at the Pointe du Bout, at Le Diamant, at Trois Rivières or at Les Anses d’Arlet, in the time slots that suits you (morning, afternoon, evening and weekend).

Practical: single or in group, for half an hour to one hour for a minimum total of 2 hours per person on our school boat Quicksilver 605 Activ departing from Le Bourg des Anses d’Arlet.

Theory: six and half hours with a certified trainer to prepare you for the maritime affairs exam.

Price for the Coastal Permit:

Practice/Course + Candidate’s booklet + Registration Examination session (excluding tax stamps): 300€ (inc Vat)

Booklet Course + Test (optional): 40€ (inc Vat)


Boat Licence